What it does

Droid Toolbox lists a number of custom controls for Android, dedicated for Android developers who want to create great apps with the minimum amount of time. You don't have to build anything from scratch, but rather re-use what others built for you!
Droid Toolbox is inspired by Cocoa Controls, a great service that provides the developer a miriad of custom controls for iOS and Mac OS X.

Who build it


Hej hej, I'm Ioannis, this strange dude on the left. I'm a software developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Professionally, I develop software for the Telecom industry (using Erlang), but on my spare time I write code for various platforms (or languages) and to develop various things. Usually I build apps for the iPhone, lately web services (Python based) occupy a lot of my time.

Actually, this web page is built using Flask, pyMySQL, Jinja 2, and SQLAlchemy (from the Python side). Then I use Bootstrap for some styling, a bit of Javascript and all the data is stored in MySQL. It's deployed on a Ubuntu machine hosted by Digital Ocean.

Content creator and library collector. Curious guy since birth!

Programmer, technologist and blogger, which lives and works in Sweden for the Enterprise Software Team at Xylem


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