AndroidJniBitmapOperations by

Allows to perform various simple operations on bitmaps via JNI , while also providing some protection against OOM using the native Java environment on Android

Some of the operations are:

  • store/restore bitmaps to/from JNI.
  • rotate CW/CCW 90,180,270 degrees.
  • crop image.
  • flip image horizontally/vertically .
  • scale image using either "Nearest-Neighbor" algorithm or "Bilinear-Interpolation" algorithm. The first is fast but might cause aliasing artifacts on some cases, and the other is a bit slower but resizes the images nicely and avoids having aliasing artifacts. However, it cause the output image to be a bit softer/blurry. More information about those algorithms here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_scaling

As the resizing algorithms deal with colors, they also show how to create your own algorithms for handling pixels. You can make filters and implement other ways to resize images. Please consider contributing your own code for such operations.

This library was first introduced via StackOverflow, and many of the notes written there still hold now. Please read it here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18250951/jni-bitmap-operations-for-helping-to-avoid-oom-when-using-large-images/18250952?noredirect=1

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