BringItBackAdvanceSlidingMenu by

I am bringing it back from the good old project sliding menu in the Android Studio. It will be an alternative to the google promoted Drawer Layout. With tons of additional tools and precoded frameworks you can work on the things you want from the scatch.


  • slide in and slide out options
  • building external fragment swapping support for both v4 and v13
  • precoded fragment support templates
  • precoded fragment menu
  • precoded treeview fragment menu
  • profile view menu
  • fully slacky support menu layout implementations and customizations
  • newsfeed abstract for instance implementation
  • catelog abstract for showing grid views of items
  • simple tree list for expandable list item view - allows many customizations
  • menu banners on the list recycler view - allows many customizations



compile 'com.hkm.slidingmenulib:slidingmenulib:x.x.x'