MediaPlayer-Extended by

The MediaPlayer-Extended library is an API-compatible media player library for Android supporting exact seeking to frames, playback speed adjustment, and DASH playback. It strives to be a direct replacement for the Android MediaPlayer and VideoView components and builds upon the Android MediaExtractor and MediaCodec API components. It is very lightweight, easy to use, makes native code / NDK fiddling unnecessary, and works from Android 4.1 up.


  • Direct replacement for Android components
  • Frame-exact seeking
  • Playback speed adjustment
  • Local files and network sources
  • Supports all Android network protocols and media formats
  • DASH support
  • Lightweight (all components total to ~100kB)

For the GLES hardware accelerated view with zooming/panning, shader effects and frame grabbing, that was part of this library until v3.x, please check Spectaculum.

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compile 'net.protyposis.android.mediaplayer:mediaplayer:4.0.0'