PatternLock by

This library aims to provide the basic but extensible building blocks for implementing pattern lock mechanism in an Android app. So the common usage will be extending the base Activity classes provided and overriding methods according to your need.

This library also aims to be elegant. Code taken from AOSP was slightly refactored and renamed to be clear, and the PatternView now utilizes the Android resource system for customization. Moreover, tweaks for stealth mode and haptic feedback is done for better behavior.

Currently this library is partly tailored to my own needs:

  • The PatternView code is taken just before the Material design adjusted its animation and styling, which keeps its Holo style, consistent to my aesthetics and production app.

  • This library is currently ICS-compatible, since Android 2.x are phasing out day by day, and I don't need to support them. (But it can be refactored to support older versions if anyone has the time.)